Irrigation Part 5. Evapotranspiration with Allan Fulton

Irrigation Part 5. Evapotranspiration with Allan Fulton

Evapotranspiration data is a cornerstone of California irrigation management. I sit down with Allan Fulton (UCCE Irrigation Advisor) to discuss how to find and utilize ET data.  

You can sign-up for ET reports in the Sacramento Valley at:

More information on ET reports in the San Joaquin Valley can be found at:

There is an important working partnership between UC Ag & Natural Resources Farm Advisors throughout the Central Valley and the California DWR to provide these reports. DWR maintains the weather stations and helps with a lot of the behind the scenes calculations that we talk about. UC ANR invests resources to develop specific crop coefficients to enable crop specific estimates of ET.  We validate the estimates with on-farm work and seek to help growers learn to apply the information.

Almond Board irrigation resources:

Fresno State’s Wateright:

Washington State University’s Irrigation Calculators:

Crop Evapotranspiration and Kc’s in FAO 56:

UC Davis Biomet reference for Kc’s,

Thanks to the Pistachio Board of California and Almond Board of California for their generous financial support. Music by Muriel Gordon.